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I decided to go for it!

Ashley: For us women it's kind of a no-no, to looking for sex only. Why? Why can't the society admit that female are just as horny and desperate for sex that most men are? Well, I decide to don't give a fuck but at the same time don't burn any bridges in my local community. So I decided to register a profile at and go for it. Find horny men for hot sex just to enjoy it without any more hassle. This was about 9 month ago and what a ride. Even if I decided to don't give a fuck it's kind of embarrassing to admit that I have been on 80 dates and fucked 60 of them. No, kidding. I'm actually developed my sex addiction to a another level but I don't really see any reason to do something about it. I'm just loving my new lifestyle but I have started to meet some of my dates on a more regular basis. So 2 out of 3 dates is now with my earlier fuck friends I meet at this effective dating site. By doing this it's less hassle when I want a quickie and some kind of protecting my self by reducing the risk by meeting new people to often. You, a few of my dates that I didn't end up fucking was some freaking weirdoes so be careful out there and take your precautions. Always meet in a public place on your first date!

Our First Threesome

Lisa and Tom: We both have had a common fantasy for a long time about a threesome together whit a stranger we don't have anything to do with in our daily life back home. There was some discussion between us about which sex the third part should be. The strange thing was that both of us want the other part to be satisfied most in the experience. So Tom wanted it to be two boys fucking Lisa And Lisa on her behalf wanted to give Tom a hell of a time with two girl including Lisa. Maybe we did it this way to be nice to each other but we ended up with an agreement to try both. We decided to find another man to be the third part when we tried this for the first time. Simply because it was a greater selection of men than women and that we thought that a man would be easier to get in and out of the room to the their thing and leave. We thought that a man don't expect to take part in  foreplay and afterplay the same way as a women normally would. Here we was wrong. We decided to go for a younger stud called Harold and we were totally wrong, he took part in the foreplay in a way that we couldn't imagine. Tom hate to admit that Lisa came more than ever before but he liked it at the same time. When we was finished Harold knew how to and when to leave. The second time it was Tom's turn to be in centre. He had a really good time but the date we found to him was a little to into him so Lisa got a little jealous. That's something you have to consider when you go into this. So we have ended up whit continuing with that two guys and one women thing. We both love it and yes we have met Harold again. We have also tried with other men and had a good experience but we always goes back to Harold as a first choice.

I changed "the story of my life"

Christopher: I'm a 36 year old single. The story of my life is wasting a lot of money on the nightclub and ending up to drunk and used by women for free drinks. To be honest I was so tired of this shit that I considered to try to pay for sex with a prostitute just to avoid all this fake shit. Luckily I decided to give online sex dating a try first. I haven't reach that point that I'm looking for settle down for the rest of my life. Spending 24/7 together hand in hand isn't my cup of tea. I love sex though bough one night stands and on a more regular basis with a regular fuckfriend. Just not the regular girlfriend stuff with all the drama. So I decided to register a profile here at and to be honest it took a couple of week before I went on my first sex date. But in the meantime I chatted with several girls with different desires and requirements. Some where to boring and other  to extreme to me. My point is that it took some time to come to end that I got my first sex date but it was all worth it. I found a hot younger girl that literally fucked my brain out. Unfortunately she was the type who was only looking for a one time thing and wanted a new man each time (she warned me in advance though so I didn't felt ditched in any way). My other point is that after this first time got several dates and most of them where girls I have chatted with in the first weeks before my first wild sex date. So it might take a time to build up some trust before you get on your first date but after that you will really get an amazing sex rush if that's what you are looking for.